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School Improvement


What does the school need to do to improve further?


Priority 1: Effectiveness of Leadership and Management

1.1 Provide subject leaders with time and training to enable them to monitor teaching and provision in their areas of responsibility regularly and provide teachers with expert, specific advice on how to improve their effectiveness

1.2 Ensure that the step system to track pupils’ progress is fully embedded and is an integral part of daily teacher assessment.

1.3 Engage parents strongly in the life and work of the school to benefit pupils.

1.4 Ensure that additional funding is having a positive and measurable impact on the quality and quantity of physical education and school sport.  

1.5 Governors to raise their profile and status within the school community.


Priority 2: Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

2.1 Improve the proportion of outstanding teaching across the school by providing opportunities for the most effective teachers to share best practice.

2.2. Ensure pupils have opportunities to develop and apply taught spelling and grammar rules accurately in a range of subjects.

2.3 Raise expectations of what the most-able pupils are capable of achieving in every lesson.

2.4 Ensure pupils have regular opportunities to learn using computers.

2.5 Improve the quality of Science teaching across the school through effective CPD and close partnerships with external specialists.


Priority 3: Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

3.1 Revise the school Behaviour Policy.

3.2 Revise the existing Attendance Policy to raise the profile and importance of attendance with parents and children.

3.3 RE & PSHE teaching promotes all aspects of pupil welfare, including emotional and physical health.


Priority 4: Outcomes for Pupils

4.1 Further improve the recall and fluency of pupils’ Key Number Facts.

4.2 Raise pupils’ attainment in Science by extending teacher subject knowledge and the quality of investigative work..

4.3. Raise pupils’ attainment in Writing through quality guided group work


Priority 5: Effectiveness of the Early Years Provision

5.1 Further develop the learning environment in preparation for Nursery age children

School Improvement Plan 2015-16

  • Castle Camps CofE (VC)
  • Primary School,
  • Church Lane,
  • Castle Camps,
  • Cambridgeshire,
  • CB21 4TH
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