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Help with Maths

Help with Maths

The videos below are produced by our children and demonstrate how they learn mathematics. This is part of a project that is being run by the Linton cluster primary schools. Each school has been given a mathematical operation to present. 
Castle Camps (CofE) Primary School is working on 'Times Tables' and the children have made their own storyboards presenting, for example, times tables using numberlines, which they then translate to film footage. They have written, filmed, presented and produced these videos, learning many skills along the way.
This page demonstrates some of the ways we teach times tables.  Please scroll down to links if you wish to see addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  
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The Linton Cluster also has an agreed method for teaching the 4 basic operation or methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Our aim is the enble all the children, who are likely to go on to Linton Village College, to use the same methods!
See the documents below.