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New School Dinners: Children's Comments

We asked the children for their comments regarding our fantastic new school meals. This is what they said:

Evie: The school dinners are delicious and the potatoes are soft and not hard. The roast is my favourite because the chicken is really juicy.

Archie: I really liked the hot dogs. The meat is much better.

Evan: I love the new school dinners. They taste the best.

Bella: I think the new school dinners are perfection and the meatball sauce is much more richer.

Neve: I don't normally have school dinners but I had the spaghetti and meatballs and I loved the sauce.

Eva: The chicken is really tasty.

Rogan: I liked the new hot dogs because the sausages are a lot nicer compared to last year.

Charlie: I think the new school dinners are amazing because the food is so much more tasty.

Zara: I think the portions are a better size.

Darcey: I used to not like school dinners, but this food I would have every day.

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