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Positions of Responsibility

Positions of Responsibility

The School Council

The School Council plays an important part in school life. Each year the children from the classes elect 2 representatives, plus 'reserves', to act on their behalf. If children have any concerns, ideas on how we could do things better or improvements to the school they can put them to the council and the staff, Headteacher and Governing Body will, if possible, act to put them into place.

School Council 2023-24

Deer Class: Fergal & Winnie

Badger Class: Isla-Rose & Lacey T

Rabbit Class: James & Emily

Squirrel Class: Olivia and Albert

House Captains

Pine:  Adam & Jasper

Oak: Ethan & Charley

Chestnut: Luke & Abigail

Sycamore: Airla & Harley

Other Helpers

In addition to the School Council and House Captains, we also have Peer Mediators, Morning Helpers and Play Leaders.

School Council 2023-24

Peer Mediators, Morning Helpers and Play Leaders