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Activities at Forest School will include:


Climbing trees and experience rope bridges

These will help children to improve vestibular sense and encourage children to push their comfort zone. They will improve resilience and confidence. Children will feed off each other and enjoy improving each session.


Nature Craft

Children will feed from creativity exploring new ways to use imagination and display messages. Using natural materials, they will open their eyes to their surrounding area.


Sit Spot and Reflection

Allowing children to reflect on their experiences is so important, giving them time to

speak and communicate their ideas.


Den Building

So many learning skills are developed with building dens, creativity and communication are just two. It will allow children the freedom to explore different ways they can achieve a desired outcome. They may use tools to build the den which promotes confidence and develops skills which will be carried through to adulthood.


Tool Work

Under a stricter adult to child ratio, children will have the opportunity to use tools,

this may include saws, drills and knives. Being allowed this opportunity will enable the child to grow in confidence and develop skills. All activities will be appropriately risk assessed.


Team Games and Singing

Castle Camps Forest School is seen as a family unit as we will encourage working together and support each other to achieve our goal. We feed from each other to improve ourselves, coming together in a natural environment will allow us to become absorbed in our surroundings.



We have permission to have a fire on site if using a fire-bowl. We hope to have this on

week 5 or 6. This will be a celebration of our learning and an opportunity to look back at what we have achieved.


Forest School is all about child led learning and discovery, activities will be designed for individual and group needs, but it is up to the individual to decide what they do each session. They may wish to observe a little more at the start opposed to jumping in feet first. They may want to build on what they experienced in the session before or they may have the confidence to try something new straight away.