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RE Statement of Entitlement for Church Schools


The Locally Agreed Syllabus states the minimum number of hours per year are:

Key StageWhat to TeachEntitlement
EYFSChristianity and a range of other religions and world views.30 Hours
At least two or more of the other major religions and world views that may be reflected in your school community and relevant to the experience of the pupils.
Minimum 36 hours
Five other world religions, humanism and an acknowledgement of other world views.
Minimum of 45 hours


However, the ‘Statement of Entitlement’ states that in Church Schools, RE ‘should aim to be close to 10% curriculum time but must be no less than 5% in key stages 1-4’ page 3. So, in addition to this minimum requirement outlined above, Church Schools - like Castle Camps - increase the number of RE hours close to 10%. This might be through:

- Enrichment days

- Bible Stories

- The Study of Religious Festivals

- Trips & Visits

- Extended RE lessons.