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Olympics - A new School Year!

Fantastic Olympics - a new year ahead!

The Olympics were even better then I dreamed and that was really down to the wonderful atmosphere across Britain. The buildings, the organisation, the 'Opening' & 'Closing' ceremonies - proud to be British!
Smiling, welcoming individuals, spectators sharing their enthusiasms, incredible athletes striving for success ....... WOW!!!

The highlights for those that gain 'Gold', emphasised through the media. We feel that we have been there with them. The 'disappointment' of silver or bronze? Can one really be disappointed? At the time yes, but afterwards .............  Being an 'Olympian' - what a privillege?

Everything I saw, encountered, shared with others reflected the 'values' that Castle Camps strives to teach our pupils. I see the emotions of the Olympics in our school - every day. Maybe not on such a grand scale, but for individuals - the ability to strive for excellence, work hard, be resilient when things do not go right, listen to advice, share ideas, celebrate success and most immportantly - realise that it is up to them / you - you are the key! You can be that person that people admire.

I look forward to the new school year. Enjoy the last days of the holiday - start getting back into 'school routine'.